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Vehicle Data & VIN Decoding

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Trusted data, optimized for consumption.

Our Vehicle Data and VIN Decoding product suite offers the most comprehensive and detailed vehicle datasets available on the market today.

Vehicle Data & VIN Decoder Software

DataOne Software's breadth of coverage is unsurpassed with VIN decoding solutions for everything from motorcycles to commercial tractor trailer trucks. Our Vehicle Data was developed to be easily integrated and to power detailed inventory display up through vehicle configuration tools. Our Vehicle Service data is optimized to support service marketing and service scheduling. In addition, our flexible delivery options can be matched to your business needs to provide the perfect fit. View our Advanced VIN Decoding Logic page for information on our VIN decoder and vehicle data web service option.  

Automotive Data is a fundamental component of many business' products and solutions. Choose DataOne and you are choosing a data foundation that can support both your business' immediate and future needs. 

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Product Advantages:

  • Industry leading vehicle decoding 
  • Detailed and precise OEM compliant vehicle descriptions
  • Depth and breadth of data to meet any data need
  • Extensive mapping to 3rd Party datasets
  • Delivered database files and web service offered
  • Solutions to fit any data need

DataOne Vehicle Data & VIN Decoding Services:


VINBasic™ is a powerful, easy to integrate VIN decoding solution for every vehicle from a Vespa scooter to Mack truck. It includes many common fields and pairs seamlessly with our Extended Vehicle Data for more detailed vehicle descriptions.

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Vehicle Service Data

A comprehensive set of information that can be used to market and schedule regular and premium maintenance for all major brands of vehicles. In addition, supports functionality for matching vehicles to aftermarket parts and accessories

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Extended Vehicle Data

Detailed, comprehensive & complete vehicle data and descriptions. Our Extended Vehicle Data provides the depth of detail your business needs in the format that best meets those needs.

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Mapping and 3rd Party Validation

There are a number of important third party datasets that rank, rate, identify and recommend vehicles for a variety of purposes. We can provide this data directly, or provide mapping between it and our data solutions.

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Vehicle Research

With vehicle comparison data and vehicle build logic, you can build the perfect car and compare it in a number of ways to other vehicles on the market.

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Inventory Feeds

Detailed inventory feeds are a necessary part of your dealer marketing services. Inventory feeds can include actual photos as well as give you the ability to add dealers.

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