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PerfectFit® Research

In-depth vehicle research that allows your shoppers to dig deeper into the features and specs of their vehicles of interest. Clean user interface that supports navigation between vehicle detail categories. 


Provide Rich Vehicle Detail Pages for In-Depth Research

Vehicles have become increasingly more complex over the years, with a number of advanced features available for each make and model. Scrolling through a lengthy list of features and specs --many with confusing marketing names-- is overwhelming and time-consuming. Today's shoppers have come to expect user-friendly tools that make vehicle research more digestible.

PerfectFit® Research offers a simple way for vehicle shoppers to identify the features and specs for each vehicle of interest. Our cutting-edge interface allows site visitors to easily navigate through different vehicle detail categories with accordion dropdowns, rather than scanning through a never ending list of bullet points.

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Key Features

  • “Plug-and-play” functionality with flexibility to customize
  • In-depth vehicle research powered by our clean & normalized data 
  • Provides ratings based on the user's search criteria
  • Simple/intuitive experience increases engagement & conversion
  • Users can select different trims within detail window
  • Includes high-quality eVox images
  • Customized to match your site's colors & styling

"Partnering with DataOne has allowed GrooveCar to elevate our platform to surpass our clients expectations while also delivering a car shopping experience second to none."

- Rob O'Hara, VP of Strategic Alliances at GrooveCar

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