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Custom Development & Consultation

Each use case is unique and sometimes calls for additional support or customization beyond what our products and solutions already offer. Our development team is here to assist and make sure our vehicle data and software meet your business' objectives.


DataOne is committed to ensuring that Clients have every available resource possible to ensure success in integration.

Our production support team is available to work directly with your internal development teams as well as third party technical resources.

They can assist with recommendations on high-level integration tasks related to use of database as well as assistance with web service API integration. Whether you need assistance with technical integration or simply to understand automotive data in a better way, you will find our production support team to be knowledgeable and willing to assist you.

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There Are Scenarios That Call for More In-Depth Participation in Your Project

It is then that our Client Services team can be considered for billable consulting work to help you meet your objectives.

Our Client Services team will work closely with your technical and development groups at any stage in your software development cycle, including architecture and planning phases. They would be happy to provide a quote for specialty work, including custom data structures to help you save time and to assist you with meeting your development objectives.

Client Services:

  • Involvement to fit customer needs and budget
  • Consultant / Advisory role
  • Development of custom queries and data structures
  • Full-scale application development

Recommended Client Services:

  • Development of custom queries to fit specific needs (selecting specific services, or finding services to be performed at a customer-supplied mileage/months of operation)
  • Delivery of customized data structures to fit data into an existing product
  • Mapping from DataOne Software to client's internal service or vehicle terminology
  • Programming assistance to help you modify existing applications to use DataOne Software Service schedules or vehicle data
  • Custom APIs to bridge the gap between client's existing systems and DataOne Software's data

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