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Dealer Service Providers

Powerful Dealer Solutions Require an Exceptional Data Experience

DataOne Software provides the timely, accurate vehicle data and VIN decoding solutions needed to power inventory management, merchandising, marketing, and digital retailing platforms for modern franchised dealerships. Our offerings are further enhanced by personalized customer service informed by 25 years of industry expertise and are designed to easily align with the automotive technology ecosystem and established industry standards.

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"DataOne provides us with the full vehicle story, allowing us to create an enhanced VDP that generates up to 30 percent more leads."

- Sam Vukas, Chief Operating Officer


Worry-free and OEM Build Data-integrated VIN Decoding and Vehicle Data

Comprehensive vehicle data is a core component of any high-performing dealer solution. Providers need a data solution that is timely, detailed, and can support OEM-compliant descriptions of the vehicle. A data partner that proves responsive, dependable, and strives to provide value and transparency through the duration of the relationship is near-equally important. DataOne Software’s vehicle data solutions are configurable and easily incorporated into your existing tech stack, ranging from DMS extraction and feeds, to sales CRM platforms, and service scheduling tools.

Serving the automotive industry since 1999 and in use by over 18,000 franchised dealerships and 40,000+ independent dealers nationwide, DataOne’s trusted solutions have proven to be a solid foundation to build quality dealer solutions. Our commitment to ongoing updates to vehicle information and rapid response times to customer concerns continue that ensures our customers’ software solutions remain high-performing market leaders.  

Optimized VDP Descriptions

DataOne prioritizes and visually emphasizes the most consumer-friendly features to drive the best use of dealer service providers’ marketing capabilities.

Seamless OEM Compliance

Vehicle data is sourced directly from the OEM and is aligned with defined brand standards.

Build Data Mapped for Consumption

OEM Build Data option maps to our normalized vehicle features and options for superior usability and ease of use.

We’re Not Just VIN Decoding

DataOne’s broad offering of data products allow us to support a wide variety of use cases. These include service lane and service drive experiences, recommendation engines, and vehicle comparison, building, and shopping tools.


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