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Service & Maintenance

Diagnostic, Repair, & Collision Solutions

The ability to efficiently repair today’s complex vehicles depends on the confidence you and your customers have in the quality, accuracy, and availability of option-level, vehicle-specific information. Repair shops, dealerships, shop management platforms, and providers of diagnostic tools and services can benefit from complete vehicle-specific data driving their ability to perform pre- and post-repair scanning, ADAS calibrations, trouble code interpretations, OEM service procedures, and diagnostics.

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"We trust the accuracy and reliability of DataOne's OEM-defined vehicle servicing data. It's all seamless to our dealer clients and their customers."

- Logan nichol, product manager


Cultivate Customer Loyalty with Service-driven Lifecycle Messaging

DataOne’s service schedules and vehicle-specific maintenance data products are ideal for platforms offering service-related Customer Retention Programs. DataOne complements the CRM’s identification of the vehicle to deliver mileage or age-driven maintenance recommendations that mirror those in the owner’s manual. This messaging can be further enhanced by adding HTSA Recall data.

Additionally, OEM-derived scheduling and logistics tools ensure that customers always receive the optimal, most timely information about their vehicle servicing needs. Service notifications can help the used car department determine when it may be appropriate to consider additional messaging related to a purchase or trade-in offer.

Prime the Service Lane for Success 

DataOne’s services can help determine the exact option-level configuration of customer vehicles to make an effective trade-in offer or compelling upsell.

Right Message, Right Time

DataOne’s OEM-derived guidelines support interval adjustments for geographic conditions, regional traffic patterns, and vehicle use patterns. More frequent messaging can result in more revenue for your business.

Ideal Service from Your Data Partner 

DataOne provides a personalized account service experience, with support tailored to your needs and industry-leading response rates.

Access the Source of Truth

All OEM data is cross-checked against vehicle service manuals for additional verification.


Vehicle Identification & Mapping

Most service providers use catalog data to order replacement parts, which are often referenced back to an industry standard such as ACES. However, this can be a manual and error-prone process, costing businesses both money and time. The ability to utilize the vehicle’s VIN to tie the vehicle to the appropriate catalog records is a powerful tool that can automate this process, remove potential end-user error, and ensure it is as efficient and accurate as possible.

DataOne correlates its OEM-based data to ACES aftermarket parts standards, produced by Autocare.org, to provide you with the appropriate codes for your ROs. This supports total alignment with parts, fluids, capacities, and labor times produced by industry mainstream sources.

  • Dealerships and independent automotive shops can repair even the most complex vehicles faster.
  • Accurate and up-to-date vehicle data and mapping to power Shop Management Platforms.
  • Detailed VIN decoding precisely identifies the entire vehicle and ties the details to the ACES parts standard, driving automation that generates value for your users.
  • Parts websites can confidently recommend perfect-fit parts knowing that the vehicle has been accurately identified and mapped to industry catalog standards.

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