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Vehicle Research & Shopping

Data that Delivers an Exceptional Experience

DataOne Software’s OEM-sourced data products power many of the leading vehicle research and shopping portals that are now essential to an auto consumer’s buyer’s journey. Our API solutions enable our customers to build better research and shopping experiences for their visitors faster and with less resource utilization. DataOne helps portals break through the clutter of choices in a competitive market to convert consideration into leads.

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"Partnering with DataOne has allowed GrooveCar to elevate our platform to surpass our clients expectations while also delivering a car shopping experience second to none."

- Rob O'Hara, VP of Strategic Alliances


Drive Quality Leads with Normalized OEM Build Data

Successful vehicle research tools are driven by data that is both comprehensive and intuitive. DataOne Software’s PerfectFit Research API, powered by our proprietary normalization processes for OEM Build Data, provides a ready-made pathway for research and comparison tools to convert prospective shoppers more easily into valuable leads. Vehicle comparison data is expertly organized and presented in such a way that users can input any number of key features, categories, ratings and vehicle capabilities at the trim and option levels. This effectively empowers your visitors to identify the search criteria that are important to them and use it to drive their interactions toward lead conversion. These modules are backed by DataOne’s industry-leading onboarding and ongoing support to ensure you achieve your envisioned user experience.

Benefit from a Premier Data Partnership

DataOne’s API can be seamlessly configured within any tech stack and is used by leading portals and research tools.

Convert More Traffic

Offer site visitors a robust user experience with the option to build new vehicles, compare vehicles across and within brands, and tie them back to actual inventory.

Present a Full Picture of Your Inventory

Data decoded at the trim and option levels provides end users with a clear representation of decision-driving options, such as safety and entertainment packages.

Make Research Easier for Prospective Buyers

Utilize our APIs to power a user-centric, "Amazon-style” experience where users choose the vehicle details that are important to them, which then drives their research experience and subsequently inventory interaction.


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