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Vehicle Research

95% of Vehicle Shoppers do their Research Online.

The vast majority of in-market vehicle shoppers are doing their shopping online.  While years back prospective car buyers were content to see basic inventory listings and submit a lead to find out more, recent studies have shown that prospective buyers are making their purchasing decisions online, often before they step foot in the dealership door.

NADA’s findings that car shoppers now make 1.3 visits before buying a car or truck, as opposed to 4.5 visits ten years ago, show this to be true.  Recent studies by Google find that 95% of vehicle shoppers use digital channels to do their research and 72% cross-shop and compare brands as part of this research. 

The fact is that in-market vehicle shoppers are researching and completing more and more of their buying decision online.  Providing them with high-quality tools and data to support their research is key in capturing their interest and converting site visitors to leads and sales. 

At DataOne Software, we offer a variety of raw vehicle data, APIs and hosted software solutions to power an in-depth and engaging online vehicle research experience. Browse our recommended products listed below, or request a consultation with one of our sales reps to discuss your needs and if our products are a good fit.

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"Partnering with DataOne has allowed GrooveCar to elevate our platform to surpass our clients expectations while also delivering a car shopping experience second to none."

- Rob O'Hara, VP of Stategic Alliances, GrooveCar

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