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Auto Insurance

Detailed Vehicle and ADAS Descriptions Powered by OEM Build Data

DataOne’s VIN decoding, supported by OEM build data, returns vehicle-specific details from our curated data standard, providing normalized values across all years/makes of passenger vehicles. DataOne produces precise, concrete answers on which features/equipment are installed on any given vehicle, delivering the clarity, accuracy, and consistency that enables our auto insurance customers to reduce risk, drive efficiency and grow profits.

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"DataOne has been a trusted, reliable data partner for The Zebra. Our platform relies on their timely & accurate vehicle information to power various parts of our insurance comparison platform."

- Joshua Dziabiak, Co-Founder of


Turn Complex Vehicle Data into Consumable Analysis

DataOne understands the auto insurance industry's need for clear, precise, and actionable vehicle data, and we have tailored our VIN decoding API service to address it. The automotive industry’s shift toward autonomous, connected vehicles has dramatically altered risk modeling for auto insurance policies, underwriting, and claims. Adapting to this revolutionary shift requires insurance professionals to efficiently parse the complex data provided by manufacturers within their technology stack. 

Support Claims and Quotes with Actionable Data

DataOne provides a normalized set of values to identify and compare vehicle feature sets.

Access Multiple Levels of Data

Gain access to core data, enhanced VIN decoding, and standard and expanded safety features.

Purpose-built Partnership

Permissioned data from OEM partners is paired with proprietary analysis for intuitive data presentation.

Easy Integrations

DataOne APIs work seamlessly with all major management platforms.


Reverse VIN Lookup API

A User-Friendly Pathway to Improving Lead Conversion Rate

DataOne Software’s Reverse VIN Lookup API enables insurance solution providers to increase insurance quote or comparison form conversion rate while meeting the standards for insurance carrier quote approval without requiring a VIN from the end user.  Designed to be integrated into consumer-facing quote forms, the API provides dynamic, predefined fields that can be tailored to your unique lead capture needs and help users easily identify their vehicle without a VIN and convert into accurate, monetized form fills. Most importantly - this feature supports the creation of a representative partial VIN or VINStub for submission to the insurance carrier.

The Most Valuable Data from the Least Effort

The Reverse VIN Lookup API is built to guide users to produce the required VIN stub with the lowest possible number of inputs. If more than one VIN pattern record is returned, the API response will indicate which fields, in priority order, should be presented to the user for further filtering until the correct vehicle is identified for evaluation by insurance carriers.

The Reverse VIN Lookup API also includes:
  • Documentation to support backend custom formatting of the partial VIN or VIN stub to meet each insurance carrier's requirements.
  • Direct integration with all DataOne offerings, including vehicle image sets which are often used to display a photo of the shopper’s vehicle alongside the provided quote.
  • A scope of all US light duty vehicles from 1981-current model year.
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