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Service & Maintenance

Service is the touch point to the dealerships best leads, your existing customers. It's where you maintain and grow customer loyalty.

In 2011, service sales accounted for only 13% of dealer revenue, but accounted for 72% of dealer profits.

It's important to tap into the huge opportunity of vehicle service and maintenance activities. Profit generating opportunities don't just begin once a new owner drives their vehicle off the lot. The large role service plays is the key to generating and targeting repeat customers.


Key Features & Benefits

Service Marketing Support

Service scheduling and shop logistics to support service marketing efforts.

OEM Service Scheduling

Schedules maintain OEM specific details and descriptions.

Service Operations Backing

Supports both the operations and scheduling side of service.

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Vehicle Research

While years back prospective car buyers were content to see basic inventory listings and submit a lead to find out more, recent studies have shown that prospective buyers are making their purchasing decisions online, often before they step foot in the dealership door.

The fact is that in-market vehicle shoppers are researching and completing more and more of their buying decision online. Providing them with high quality tools and data to support their research is key in capturing their interest and converting site visitors to leads and sales.


Key Features & Benefits

User-Controlled Search Functionality

Allows consumers to control their shopping experience based on what important to them.

In-depth Research 

Supports in-depth vehicle model research with complete marketing specifications

Comparison Across or Within Brands

Detailed vehicle comparison across or within models

Vehicle Builder / Configurator

Allows shoppers to build out their perfect vehicle and convert

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Business Logistics

The core data need to help power your business.

Power your vehicle data into a single, intelligent source to keep pace with your demanding business. Transportation providers have moved away from manual vehicle identification processes and you will have the ability to save man hours, streamline operations and integrate data based on your needs and application.


Key Features & Benefits

Client Reporting

Timely and accurate client reporting.


Logistics using weights and dimensions.

Recon & Claims

Specifications data for large enterprise recon and claims.

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Insurance & Risk Management

The insurance industry is always looking for ways to reduce risk through actionable data.

Disparate vehicle data sources, inconsistent vehicle records and lack of integration-ready data are common struggles facing risk management underwriters and solution providers today.

The ability to consolidate and normalize vehicle data streams into a single, intelligent source is vital to the business processes and goals of your organization.


Key Features & Benefits

Quality & Accuracy

Improve data quality and accuracy for vehicle service contracts.

Drive Quotes

Drive insurance and warranty quotes

Timely Information

Provide timely information for underwriters.

Support Claims

Support vehicle claims with accurate data.

Normalization of Data

Normalize existing data with OEM standard descriptions.

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Dealer Service Providers

Data, media, editorial, and business intelligence at your fingertips.

Providing solutions that meet the complex and changing needs of dealers is a challenge. To accomplish this, you need comprehensive content and data that meets the strict OEM marketing descriptions. 

Our digital retailing suite of solutions includes software, web services and delivered database products that can meet the needs of your business and your dealers.


Key Features & Benefits

OEM Service Scheduling

Schedules maintain OEM specific details and descriptions.

Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification and Advanced VIN decoding logic

Vehicle Builder / Configurator

Allows shoppers to build out their perfect vehicle and convert

Generic Model Research

Supports research of vehicle models and trims

Pricing & Incentives

Provide vehicle MSRP/Invoice pricing and incentives data

Media Showcase

Utilize media to support inventory listings.

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