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PerfectFit® Vehicle Shopper API

Attribute-based vehicle shopping tool that allows your visitors to control their own experience. Provide a way for your potential customers to find the best-fitting vehicle based on their wants and needs, rather than constraining by traditional YMM search.


Help Your Shoppers Find the Perfect Vehicle

There are over 3000 different model configurations of vehicles offered by manufacturers every year. This makes finding the right car an intimidating task that many consumers simply don’t enjoy.

For the last decade, the auto industry has tried to replicate the traditional car buying experience online—allowing consumers to narrow down their options using criteria such as make, model, and trim, as well as new and used. However, buyers have become increasingly more sophisticated and now expect better, more intuitive ways of researching vehicles and interacting with inventory online.

PerfectFit® Vehicle Shopper removes the artificial constraints of traditional search tools, making the process more enjoyable and less intimidating for your consumers. By providing an interface where users can identify and narrow vehicle choices based only on the key features and attributes that are important to them, you are increasing the chances that they find something that exactly matches their search on your site. In addition, this technology allows you to collect more comprehensive behavioral data from your users, which you can leverage for retargeted advertising and marketing.

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Key Features

  • Attribute-based search experience. Traditional year, make, model search also available
  • Returns PerfectFit® vehicle as well as best fit list based on the user's criteria
  • Simple and intuitive experience increase engagement and conversion
  • User's choices provide behavioral insights for targeted marketing

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