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Vehicle Shopping Solutions

User-friendly vehicle research and shopping tools that are intuitive, powerful, and engaging to your potential customers.


98% of consumers perform their vehicle research and shopping online

Users are looking for tools that empower them to make the best choice while saving time in the process. With thousands of unique vehicle configurations in the market every year, determining what vehicles they should consider buying can be a daunting task.

The PerfectFit® API Suite offers a stress-free online vehicle research and shopping experience that is intuitive, powerful and engaging to your potential customers. Provide each visitor with the tools they need to find the perfect fitting vehicle.

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Product Advantages

  • Powerful API to support creation of unique variants
  • Ability to move the shopper fromt he top to the bottom of the funnel
  • Modular components that can function individually or as a complete solution

PerfectFit® API Suite Modules

Vehicle Shopper

Attribute-based vehicle shopping experience that helps your website visitors find the perfect vehicle based on the criteria that is most important to them.

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Our Research module consists of rich vehicle detail pages allowing your shoppers to conduct in-depth research for each vehicle model and trims

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Provide a user-friendly vehicle comparison tool for your shoppers to easily compare vehicle features and specs across or within brands, models, and trims.

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Turn your potential customers into buyers. Allow them to build their perfect vehicle and point them to your best-matching inventory.

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