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Vehicle Transport & Shipping Logistics

Core data you need to power your business.

Running a transportation business can be an administrative nightmare. You have drivers and vehicles and shipments, not to mention tight deadlines.

But that’s just the start. To accurately plan and budget, and to protect your bottom line, you need to drill into your data and know as much as you can about the vehicles you transport. You need access to multiple data points, including weight, width, front and rear track width, height and length.

DataOne products support global shipping logistics, ports of entry, national rail, and interstate trucking companies with data to support vehicle load identification and load planning - well in advance of vehicle arrival at the dealership. Our VIN Decoder enables you to immediately look up and find a particular vehicle based on a selection of variables, putting essential dimension-related information at your fingertips. What took days to invoice and report years ago can now be done in minutes with DataOne.

  • Industry-leading VIN decoding
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Unique and flexible 17-digit decoding options
  • Data optimized for easier consumption
  • Data normalized for easier comparison
  • Vehicle weights & capacities
  • Easy to work with APIs
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"DataOne’s fast and accurate vehicle data allows us to provide a smooth and seamless customer experience in both our mobile and web transportation marketplace applications."

- Bryan Boye, Co-Founder & COO of RunBuggy, Inc


Key Features

  • Data is released as soon as the vehicle spec is stabilized and the VIN Pattern is released by the Carmaker (OEM)
  • Data  adheres strictly to automaker vehicle identification compliance standards
  • Data spans 1981-current model year, US and Joint US/CAN Market destination passenger / light trucks
  • Typically single flat file delivery, weekly and daily updates available or real-time access via web services
  • VIN parsing is not necessary - the industry standard VIN pattern is simply matched against the full VIN

Use Cases

  • Shipping vehicle identification for timely and accurate internal tracking and customer account reporting
  • Support for Logistics and Load planning based on vehicle classing, weights, and dimensions
  • Full vehicle specifications information available including factory pricing for use by enterprise recon and claims
  • Fleet trucking and hauler identification within fleet maintenance solutions

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