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Risk Management

Our Data Delivers the Ability to Support Business Processes, Streamline Operations & Normalize Data.

Disparate vehicle data sources, inconsistent vehicle records and lack of integration-ready data are common struggles facing risk management underwriters and solution providers today. The ability to consolidate and normalize vehicle data streams into a single, intelligent source is vital to the business process and goals of your organization.

DataOne Software develops its products with industry applications in mind to deliver data solutions that work for you. With one of the largest Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) referenced and vehicle specification datasets in the nation, our data solutions vehicle records span 1981 through current shipping vehicles. But the power of our data doesn’t stop there. Our flexible, intelligent database has the ability to save man-hours, streamline operations and integrate data based on your needs and application.

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"DataOne has been a trusted, reliable data partner for The Zebra. Our platform relies on their timely & accurate vehicle information to power various parts of our insurance comparison platform."

- Joshua Dziabiak, COO of The Zebra


  • Improves data quality and accuracy for vehicle service contracts 
  • Drives insurance and warranty quote requests 
  • Supports detailed vehicle information for underwriters 
  • Timely and accurate information for loss and damaged vehicles
  • Partial VINs can be reverse engineered when the VIN isn't available to support underwriting

Use Cases

  • Reverse engineer a partial VIN
  • Drive insurance and warranty quotes
  • Improve service contracts with high-quality and accurate data
  • Provide timely information for underwriters
  • Support vehicle claims with accurate data
  • Normalize existing data with OEM standard descriptions

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