PerfectFit® Vehicle API

Attribute-based vehicle shopping API that allows consumers to find their perfect vehicle based on their wants and needs. Use our business logic and vehicle data to power your own unique user experience. 

Create an Amazing Online Vehicle Shopping Experience

The online landscape is changing at a rapid pace and there are more buying options for consumers than ever before. 

According to JD Power, 50% of new vehicle buyers who use the internet in the automotive shopping process are open to any brand when they begin to shop. This number rises even higher for Gen Y'ers, who now comprise more than 20% of all retail sales.

Web shoppers are coming to expect and demand more intuitive and flexible tools that allow them to shop, sort, narrow down and compare products based upon the criteria that are important to them. This is true whether you are shopping for sneakers on Zappos or a new camera on Amazon. You want to be able to search based on what is important to you.

With over 3000 different model configurations of vehicles manufactured every year, consumers are looking for similar tools to help them navigate the process of researching and buying their next vehicle. Many online vehicle retailing solutions typically stick to standard search conventions such as year, make, model and trim. Some of the more advanced solutions might allow you to specify a few high level descriptions like vehicle type, engine, color or transmission.

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PerfectFit® Vehicle API

Benefits of PerfectFit® Vehicle API

The PerfectFit® Vehicle API enables you to empower your users to search for and find vehicles based only on the vehicle attributes that are important to them. The budget, values and needs the customer identifies are used by the PerfectFit® Vehicle API to rank, organize and return the best vehicle fits for that individual. Further editing and refining of their search criteria can be handled by the API while our Search, Research and Compare API can be used to power indepth vehicle research and comparison.

If research or comparison is chosen, the data returned can be optimized based on the values and search criteria the users entered during the search phase. This allows for a concise and targeted data display, instead of the “Data Dump” that some traditional comparison solutions offer. In addition, the information that the user enters to customize the search is valuable consumer data that could be used for targeted remarketing.

You create the user interface and the PerfectFi® Vehicle API supports a unique, intuitive and revenue generating user experience.

Key Features:

  • Powers an attribute-based search and research user experience
  • Returns best fit vehicle list based on the user's criteria
  • Supports an intuitive experience that increases engagement and conversion
  • Robust search combined with rich detail and comparison
  • User's choices provide custom search for user and behavioral insights for you
  • Pairs seamlessly with Search, Research and Compare API.
  • You are able to create your own user interface powered by the API
  • Can be configured to display inventory or all models configurations available 

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