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DataOne Software Introduces Vehicle Builder Logic Supporting Over 35 OEM Brands

DataOne, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a leading provider of automotive data and media solutions, today released a new Vehicle Build Logic solution. This new product is a single logic and rule set capable of powering vehicle builders across all major makes of U.S. vehicles with each OEM’s specific order logic. The flexible solution is an ideally suited data and logic foundation on which to build technology.

“Over 80% of new car buyers shop online first. Online shoppers are looking for an increasingly interactive experience,” said Jacob Maki, general manager for DataOne Software. “Providing them with the ability to build the vehicle of their choice is a powerful feature that can result in longer viewing times and convert a greater quantity and quality of leads.”

While this technology has been available to consumers through OEM’s branded sites, dealers and automotive portals are realizing the advantage of capturing this technology within their own solutions and websites. Vehicle Build Logic, paired with DataOne Software’s Vehicle Specifications data, provides customers with everything they need to create an OEM-compliant vehicle builder that displays exact OEM names and descriptions for all optional equipment.

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