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GOSO Enhances Landing Pages by Partnering with DataOne Software

GOSO, a web and social media marketing suite for automotive dealers, is proud to announce its partnership with DataOne Software. GOSO, an intuitive vehicle inventory broadcast platform, also generates custom landing pages for every vehicle in a dealer's inventory. With information from trusted partners such as DataOne, GOSO provides consumers with an abundance of unique, rich content including vehicle specifications, images, features, videos and more.

"GOSO currently has various partners that provide information via VIN decoding, attributes and safety ratings. These details appear on landing pages that are specifically designed for search engine optimization. The partnership with DataOne enhances landing pages with rich content"

"GOSO has been at the forefront of social media marketing innovation. They have demonstrated a clear benefit in the automotive industry for dealers and consumers alike." said Josh Pereira, Business Development manager at DataOne Software. "GOSO's platform in combination with DataOne Software's comprehensive automotive content has emerged as a solid solution for auto dealers with measurable results."

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