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DataOne Software VIN Decoder Solution to Integrate Toyota Build Data

DataOne Software, a Dominion Enterprises company and a leading provider of automotive data and software solutions, today announced a partnership with Toyota Motor North America to include DataOne’s VIN Decoder API web services as a means to obtain their manufacturer build data for Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles. This build data powered VIN Decoding will provide DataOne’s customers with the ability to identify the specific manufacturer equipment installed on each vehicle. This level of vehicle detail is not available from standard VIN decoding and is key information as digital car buying continues to grow.

“While VIN-level manufacturer data has always been an important piece of the vehicle purchase process, it is critical for our customers as they move into this next phase of the online buying process," stated Jake Maki, President at DataOne Software. “We are excited to add Toyota build data to the suite of DataOne solutions that contribute to our customer’ successes across the automotive, insurance, and many other allied industries.”

The addition of Toyota’s OEM build data to the VIN-decoder API web service enables DataOne customers to present online shoppers with comprehensive vehicle details of the vehicle as it rolled off the production line. Each Toyota, Lexus or Scion VIN decoded will include details that otherwise cannot be identified using the VIN pattern alone, including the as-configured MSRP, interior and exterior color, upholstery type, options, packages and all other manufacturer installed equipment. This level of vehicle detail will be used by DataOne’s clients to build more powerful solutions for dealers, as well as insurance, finance, fleet and service industries.

For more information about obtaining build data through DataOne's VIN decoder web service, call 877.438.8467 or e-mail sales@dataonesoftware.com.

Topics: Automotive Data, VIN, Build Data