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DataOne’s Extended Vehicle Data Helps AutoWeb Drive More Than a Million -- and Growing -- Vehicle Searches per Month

DataOne Software today released a case study detailing how its extended vehicle data has contributed to AutoWeb’s successful vehicle search and configure website, driving a growing number of website vehicle searches each month. DataOne Software is a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a leading provider of automotive vehicle data and software solutions.

AutoWeb, headquartered in Miami, Fla., offers unique vehicle search, configuration and sharing features that make shopping for a car more engaging and fun, while enhancing the experience with intriguing and informative automotive content. AutoWeb’s vehicle search functionality relies on DataOne’s accurate, timely and granular vehicle data to help in-market car shoppers find the best-matched vehicle based on their search criteria.

“DataOne allowed us to build a customer experience where enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike can find the car they need. They are the only provider that covers the right set of user experiences for each feature of today’s cars,” said Charlie Schiavone, AutoWeb’s general manager. “DataOne’s vehicle data captures infotainment systems and connectivity options, among many other modern features, that are highly valuable to today’s car shoppers,” stated Schiavone.

“Charlie is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry when it comes to automotive data,” said Jake Maki, general manager of DataOne Software, “so we knew the experience he planned for AutoWeb would require the most detailed and precise vehicle data on the market. We are excited to provide the data solutions that have supported their successful execution of that site experience.”

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