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DataOne Software Releases Kelley Blue Book Value Mapping

DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Enterprises and a leading provider of automotive data and software solutions, today launched its Kelley Blue Book® Values mapping product. With this launch, businesses utilizing both DataOne and Kelley Blue Book can seamlessly access the most up-to-date new and used-car value data by VIN.“This faster and simpler access to trusted Kelley Blue Book information should offer greater efficiencies for businesses that depend on the two brands,” said Damon Bennett, senior director of syndication for Kelley Blue Book. “Data is key in this industry and better access to timely information to help make informed decisions is pivotal for supporting our current and future clients.”

Customers no longer need to link Kelley Blue Book vehicle valuations with the appropriate VIN-referenced vehicle. Our mapping product will streamline the process, creating a bridge between the vehicle data decoded with DataOne and the corresponding Kelley Blue Book IDs needed to determine vehicle valuation. This mapping works with all DataOne products and can be distributed with all delivery methods.

“This new product, with the power of both brands, provides our joint customers with a solution that saves them time and effort,” said Jake Maki, general manager of DataOne Software. “DataOne customers that are already using or planning to use Kelley Blue Book can now leverage our mapping to easily determine Kelley Blue Book valuations for vehicles they identify with our VIN decoding service.”

If you'd be interested in learning more about our Kelley Blue Book® Values mapping or any of our other mapping products, visit our Mapping and 3rd Party Validation page or contact sales@dataonesoftware.com


Topics: Automotive Data, VIN, 3rd Party Mapping