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VIN Viper Speeds Up Mobile Vehicle Appraisals Using DataOne’s VIN Decoding

DataOne Software, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and a leading provider of automotive data and software solutions, today released a case study detailing the advantages VIN Viper has gained from using DataOne’s VIN Decoding solutions.

VIN Viper was the first to introduce a mobile vehicle appraising solution for the auction lane that can quickly provide used vehicle valuations from scanned VIN barcodes. With its MarketMetrics™ product, VIN Viper initially pulled data from big book valuation providers and used it for their vehicle data needs, including VIN decoding.  While this worked, they were not satisfied with the performance and limitations that resulted from this approach.  As a result, VIN Viper decided to use DataOne as their data and VIN decoding standard to provide the speed, flexibility and accuracy they need for their products.

“Our success depends on having a strong data foundation and extremely accurate VIN decoding,” said VIN Viper founder Jason Seligman. “We needed a data source that could transcend the problems we’ve experienced in the past. That was DataOne.”

With the help of DataOne’s VINBasic™ product, VIN Viper is able to provide dealers with much faster results, a more flexible interface, and standardized vehicle descriptions.  With these enhancements, MarketMetrics™ more effectively meets the needs of the fast-paced auction environment it serves. “DataOne’s VIN decoding and data solutions play a key role in our being able to crunch all the data,” said Seligman.

Click on the link below to learn more about how DataOne’s VINBasic™ product has helped VIN Viper deliver speedy vehicle appraisals to its customers.

Read VIN Viper Case Study




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